If you love watching television and don’t want to pay more for your favourite channels, it is better to go for a digital aerial installation than merely depending on the cable company’s little black box. If you own a newer model of television set, it’s an easy DIY, but if your television is old, say 10 years then you need to do a bit fixtures to receive free digital signals.

How to install a digital converter box?

  • Digital converter box is essential if you own an old TV set. Apart from digital signalling of channels, it also helps to connect with dab radio aerial. For old television, buy an old digital box came in the market before the digital switch.
  • Buy a converter box with a coaxial cord and remote.
  • Read the instruction manual and attach the box to your old television.
  • Install your TV antenna and connect it with the converter box.
  • After connecting with TV, you will see channels on your television. Set-up your channels and screen preferences.

In general, whether it’s new or old, all television sets require antenna to scan for channels. However, a new digital TV may pick up a few channels. If you stay in an obstructive place, you need to install your antenna on the rooftop. In many apartments, rooftop antennas are not allowed, not to worry at least, as digital antennas are quite capable of receiving signal from a greater distance. An optional rotor is a good tool to rotate your antenna from inside of your house. Before digital aerial installation, test it for a better spot to get unobstructed signal.